A message for our community

Dear Trinity Market patrons,

A year ago, we created the Trinity Market, which was founded with the mission to bring food, wellness, and education to the San Antonio community.

The Trinity Market team has now decided to turn its attention inward to the Trinity community to pursue its mission and discontinue the market

The Saturday component was funded by a USDA grant and is now completed. Throughout the year, we've established great partnerships with vendors and the community - we are proud of each of their contributions to the Saturday market days and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds as we turn our efforts to the Trinity internal community.

As we've seen, the idea of food, wellness, and education is an important one - for the community and the University.

We are extremely grateful for the love and support we have received from the San Antonio community. We are especially so thankful for, and humbled by, our amazing vendors, and the way our community has embraced these local entrepreneurs, who truly made the market what it was.

We encourage our patrons to continue to seek out and support these wonderful vendors and to continue to Support Local.


The Trinity Market Team